September 17, 2014

Effects of a Foot Massage to Guided Relaxation

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Has your feet ever been so tied that it hurt your whole body. Like that old saying when your feet hurt your whole body hurts. Well this is mostly true, since the reason sets behind the fact that your entire nerve endings are in your feet. So when you are on your feet all day for whatever reason and they are hurting most of the time your whole body aches. What do most of us do when we get home? We sit down for a while or take a hot bath. One can indulge in foot relaxing baths or resting to take the weight off the feet. In fact, the first thing that hits the ground when you take a step is your heel, which is why many people experience heel pain.

How can I relieve my aching feet?
You have recourse to test when your feet are aching. Like maybe a hot bath if you have one. Foot soakers are available as well. The foot soakers allow you to soak your feet. Some of the foot soakers have massagers as well so you can get a foot massage while you are soaking your tried feet. You can let your feet rest as long as you want to or until they feel better. Once your feet feel better, you will also feel better.

Where can I get the foot massage?
You can find food massagers nearly anywhere that sells items to relieve stress. Depending how much money you want to pay, however you can find Bubble Jet Foot Massagers at most department stores for around $20. It depends on the type you choose; yet, some have heating elements that helps massage your feet. You will find foot massagers with tuning bars built inside of it to rest your feet on while the massagers work them.

If you are having, problems with deciding what one to get for you so that you can pamper yourself, then check out the resources online. Go on the Internet, check out some web sites, and have them send you some information on these feet massagers. Most of the time, you will find CD as well as videos to help you to decide what kind are the best for you. There are lotions and oils to get if you want to just have someone do it for you or even you do it for yourself. It will feel better if someone else does it for you. Just put a little lotion or oil on the feet and rub it. You will feel so much better. In addition, unbelievably once your feet stop hurting you will feel like a new person inside as well as out. Try it and see what you think and make sure you enjoy your foot massager.
If you do not want to go into all that trouble of DIY, you can make a trip to Déjà Vu Spa Salon. As per your request, we just updated our pedicure room to further enhance your pedicure experience.


December 16, 2008

Men and Brazilians: Why they do it?

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Men and Brazilians: Why do they do it?

We all know about Brazilian waxing. You probably know a friend who has had it done, or maybe you’ve even had it done yourself. In today’s world of oversexed night clubs and very, very tiny bikinis, Brazilians are more popular than ever… especially among men. That’s right, more men than ever before are coming to our salon and salons like ours to get rid of everything “down there”.

Now, whatever you wish to do with your body is your business, and there is of course nothing wrong with that. But we’re still curious: Why the sudden rise in popularity? I mean, it’s not necessarily a pleasant experience. Most people simply get it done for maintenance reasons. But we still wonder, is this new trend on the rise solely because it’s a popular new grooming habit? Or are there underlying reasons why more and more men are coming to us for this service?

What do you think? If you’re a man who has been through this experience, or if you just have an opinion you’d like to share, please respond to this post. You can even respond anonomously if you wish. There’s also a poll on the side over there if you’d like to respond that way. —>

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